7 great reasons to work at NIȽ TU,O

NIȽ TU,O is growing!

As opportunities for joining the team increase, more and more people are researching NIȽ TU,O, wondering what it’s like to work within the organization. This quick list of facts about NIȽ TU,O may help prospective team members to learn more about why 25+ team members love working at NIȽ TU,O.

Coast Salish led organization

NIȽ TU,O Child and Family Services is a Coast Salish-led organization dedicated to keeping Coast Salish children with their families and in their communities.

Coast Salish elders in residence, board members and executives imbue Coast Salish worldview and cultural practices in the programming, services provided, and staff interactions.

Additionally, cultural programming like canoe carving, drum workshops and other culturally specific initiatives are ongoing and take place in NIȽ TU,O’s designated cultural building.

At the forefront of innovation

NIȽ TU,O, in partnership with ILRU recently launched the first toolkit that articulates Coast Salish Child and Caregiver  Nurturance & Safety Laws which is utilized as a training guide for non-Coast Salish staff, executives, and caregivers within the organization as well as in community. Recently, NIȽ TU,O also partnered with Threshold Housing to provide increased supports for unhoused Coast Salish Youth. These are just a few of the many initiatives NIȽ TU,O is undertaking in accordance with its mission.

World-class facilities

Recently, NIȽ TU,O’s facilities have undergone a dramatic renovation. As such, team members enjoy showers, stand-up desks, outdoor green spaces and an edible garden; all just a few of the recent upgrades to the facilities. The brand new space was a finalist in local building awards.

The recent renovation and upgrade came as a result of a human rights complaint by Cindy Blackstock, the executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society which lead to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) ruling in favour of Indigenous children. The CHRT  found that there were intentional decades of underfunding of Indigenous children’s services. Cindy Blackstock comments,

“The Tribunal has confirmed the need and right for First Nations children and their families to have access to proper building infrastructures to ensure that they can grow up healthy and safe regardless of income. This building remediation project is extremely important given the housing crisis in First Nations communities.”

Fantastic benefits.

NIȽ TU,O team members all receive company-paid group health and dental, and staff are included in the Public Service Pension Plan. NIȽ TU,O staff are unionized and bargaining happens every four years.

As such, team members also receive all Statutory Holidays off with pay. NIȽ TU,O also provides team members with company vehicles and cell phones.

Bottom-up programming

With a staff that is well over half Coast Salish, programming is driven by the needs of Coast Salish families. As staff are in direct contact with families every day, staff are able to inform the management as to the needs of families and subsequently have an impact on the programs that are provided. NIȽ TU,O is committed to learning from families and staff to better meet the needs of children and families in community.

NIȽ TU,O works to utilize commonsense and practical ways to serve the community in a holistic manner. We strive to assist families and children in a respectful, professional, caring, and culturally relevant manner.

Values-based organization

Recently, the manager leading Coast Salish Initiatives hosted a session with staff and team members to explore the values each team member brings to their work. The result was an impressive level of personal integrity from each staff member. These values represent NIȽ TU,O staff’s commitment to the work and include:

  • Honesty, compassion, transparency, thoughtfulness in communication and action, curiosity, cultural safety, respect, clear and inclusive communication, accountability, open-minded perspective taking, acknowledgement of all families lived experiences, being a good listener, respecting others strengths and differences, respecting and understanding Coast Salish culture, and integrating ancestral teachings into our practice.

Working at NIȽ TU,O means working with good people who care and care about making a positive difference.

Meaningful work

Working at NIȽ TU,O, whether as a Community Services Manager, Family Strengthening Services Manager, or a Social Worker, Team Assistant or Family Support Worker means doing meaningful work that matters; helping to keep Coast Salish children with their families and in community.

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