NIȽ TU,O’s New Plant Colouring Pages

NIȽ TU,O’s buildings are surrounded by beautiful garden beds designed by local native plant experts at Satinflower Nurseries. These garden beds are not just for aesthetics, they are a testament to NIȽ TU,O’s dedication to honouring Coast Salish culture and providing a welcoming environment for Indigenous youth and families.

In the Spring of 2024, NIȽ TU,O is bringing an interactive component to the gardens: descriptive plaques with scannable QR codes. Each new plaque will feature an illustration of one of the garden’s culturally significant plants, a description of the plant’s care needs, and the plant’s SENĆOŦEN name. The plaques’ QR codes will lead visitors to the “Speak” section of NIȽ TU,O’s website, where they’ll find recordings of the correct pronunciation of each plant’s name in SENĆOŦEN, as spoken by a Coast Salish knowledge holder.

To help reinforce the learning of the gardens’ plant names, NIȽ TU,O created several related games, including plant-themed word searches, fill-in-the-blanks, and the coloring-book-style pages below, drawn by Coast Salish artist Jeannie Chipps.

The new plaques and supporting print materials are part of NIȽ TU,O’s “Speak” Initiative, a multi-layered effort to make language-learning tools engaging and accessible.

Watch Traditional Plants and Medicines planted around NIȽTU,O’s Office on YouTube.

“If you take a look around, you might recognize or learn about some traditional plants and medicines have been planted around NIȽ TU,O’s office.”

We understand that there may be variations or different interpretations of spelling, orthography, pronunciation, and other details, depending on the location and family group of the source of knowledge. This is common when preserving knowledge passed down via oral tradition.

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