NIȽ TU,O Child and Family Services will observe the holidays with a temporary office closure.


(NIȽ TU,O Child and Family Services Society offices)

The NIȽ TU,O office, situated at 2475 Mount Newton Cross Road in Saanichton, B.C. V8M 2B7 will be closed from December 25th, reopening its doors on January 2nd, 2024.

This closure extends to all NIȽ TU,O Child and Family Services staff members, who will enjoy a well-deserved break during this period. NIȽ TU,O Child and Family Services recognizes the importance of child safety, even during the holiday season. While the NIȽ TU,O office is closed, community members are encouraged to access the following support services:

  • The Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868, where trained professionals are available to provide guidance and support related to children and youth.
  • The KUU-US Crisis Line at 1-800-588-8717 which is accessible 24/7 to offer crisis intervention in the case of an emergency.
  • If you are concerned about a child’s safety, please do not hesitate to call Child Protection Services in BC  at 1-800-663-9122 for immediate assistance.

As the NIȽ TU,O team takes this brief pause to celebrate the holidays and recharge for the upcoming year, NIȽ TU,O expresses heartfelt wishes to everyone in the community. May this festive season bring joy, warmth, and connection to all.

NIȽ TU,O staff appreciate your understanding during this temporary closure and look forward to continuing their commitment to the seven communities that we serve in the new year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the NIȽ TU,O team when the office reopens on January 2nd, 2024.

NIȽ TU,O Staff wish you all the best this holiday season.