NIȽ TU,O Partners with Community to Support Healing

NIȽ TU,O collaborates with community partners to provide a safe space for Coast Salish community to heal. 

NIȽ TU,O is pleased to announce its collaboration with community partners to offer expanded support to the Coast Salish community. 

Among the recent partnerships is a partnership with Ravensview and the Tsawout Health Manager, Bonnie Seward, through which NIȽ TU,O is offering a safe space for Tsawout patients to receive post-treatment care. 

Through another recent partnership, NIȽ TU,O created space for those on domestic violence probation to meet as part of their rehabilitation. 

These partnerships directly support NIȽ TU,O’s mission. 

NIȽ TU,O is committed to keeping Coast Salish children with their families in community through Family Strengthening Programs and by providing Support Services. 

Engaging in these partnerships allows NIȽ TU,O to further its work supporting the children and families of the Beecher Bay/Scianew, Pauquachin, Tsartlip, Songhees, Tsawout, Tseycum and T’Sou-k communities in a way that is preventative, thus mitigating the “persistent inequity of access to care and heavier burden of preventable disease” experienced in Indigenous communities across Canada. 

Additionally, NIȽ TU,O believes providing immediate respite for the demonstrated needs of Coast Salish community members is in alignment with the needs-based approach to care NIȽ TU,O strives for. 

NIȽ TU,O recognizes a one-size-fits-all approach to care isn’t effective. Instead, NIȽ TU,O provides care that is responsive to the particular needs of the community. 

In the Coast Salish community that means remaining aware of the pervasive impacts of colonial trauma, as settler-imposed displacement “resulted in social, cultural, spiritual, emotional and physical disruptions causing profound social and health impacts related to cultural losses, alienation and identity disruption.”

Therefore, when providing care, NIȽ TU,O is constantly aware of and responsive to the ways colonial trauma harms, and how it can interrupt the patterns of trauma to help individuals, families, and communities heal.  

NIȽ TU,O understands its work in community partnerships – which support healing on an individual level – will ultimately support its mission of keeping Coast Salish children with their families in community by creating stronger, healthier Coast Salish families and communities. NIȽ TU,O looks forward to continuing to collaborate wherever possible to support this healing. 

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