My name is Michelle, I am from the Simpcw Nation, outside Kamloops, BC. I am a Family Support Worker and FASD Key worker at NIL/TU,O Child and Family Services.

I have completed three certificate programs at Camosun College, including the First Nations Family Support Worker Certificate program. During my years of work I have completed a variety of certificates that include numerous Triple P Facilitator trainings, Nobody’s Perfect Facilitator, Aboriginal Developmental Assets Facilitator, Understanding FASD training, Aboriginal Family Support Worker Training, ASSIST Suicide Prevention, and the REAL Justice restorative justice circle training.

The past 17 years I have been working with local First Nations communities, both urban and on reserve, with NIL TU,O Child and Family Services Society. I have worked in and around the Greater Victoria communities for the last 32 years in a variety of capacities, such as Home Support Worker, Teaching Support Worker, Practicum Student, First Nations Youth Employment Instructor, Childminder, Parent Group Facilitator, and Family Support Worker.

I have been raised to be an open, honest, and patient person; and I enjoy working with all ages and abilities from all varieties of backgrounds. I am honoured to have gained the trust and recognition of many community members, First Nations agencies and non-Native agencies; therefore being able to be an advocate and voice for many of the families, youth, and children I work with.

Currently my job allows me to provide culturally sensitive programming for the First Nations families that include Triple P Parenting programs, grief and loss workshops, health and wellness workshops, and teaching cultural crafts such as beadwork, leatherwork, and storytelling. As part of my job, I also work with families and youth who have FASD or other brain-based disabilities, providing support to receive the services they need to lead healthy and productive lives.