Family Strengthening Programs

NIȽ TU, O offers a variety of services to support the families, children and youth affiliated with our seven member nations.

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Support to Families Responding to Child Protection Concerns

Responding to a child protection concern or complaint can be overwhelming and scary. Don’t go it alone. Contact NIȽ TU,O to obtain assistance with meetings with MCFD and work with you to get or keep your child(ren) home.

Many child protection concerns are rooted in the systemic and situational experiences of colonialism and ongoing racism. The resulting trauma, housing shortages, and other challenges make raising happy healthy children even more difficult than it already is.

When you contact NIȽ TU,O for support responding to a child protection complaint, you’ll be paired with a supportive and understanding Family Support Worker to help identify your family’s challenges and needs.

From there, your Family Support Worker will help your family connect with a variety of resources such as:

  • Counseling and mental health supports,
  • Cultural supports,
  • Housing,
  • Parenting programs,
  • Daycare services,
  • Workshops,
  • Income programs,
  • Vocational programs,
  • Specialized services as needed.

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Groups & Workshops

NIȽ TU, O offers ongoing groups and workshops throughout the year. To register, call the office at Telephone: 250-544-1400 and ask for a community programs worker.

Parenting programs:

Indigenous Triple P (Positive Parenting Program): is a globally delivered, Indigenous-centric skills-based program to help you develop the skills and confidence to handle any parenting situation using Coast Salish values. This workshop is offered regularly in a community near you.

Nurturing relationships: a parent program specifically for parents to learn how to nurture their relationship and encourage positive and healthy communication. The program will teach life skills and relationship skills that will promote equality within relationships, and more capacity to work together to care for the family as a whole.

Life skills programs:

Ready to Rent: a program designed to help youth, young adults, and parents prepare to rent, more readily access housing options and enjoy success as a tenant.

Cultural Programs: canning and traditional cooking, moccasin making, drum making

Youth Life Skills Development workshops: designed to help youth build skills and awareness of the tasks needed to successfully transition to young adulthood

For more information or to register, call the office at Telephone: 250-544-1400 and ask for a community programs worker.

Support to Families to Enhance Family Life

Support to Youth

If you are a youth or a parent of a child that could use more support, please contact us.

We offer numerous programs dedicated to supporting youth, depending on what is needed.

  • Staying connected to culture, language, and community, through individual attention and outings and participation in recreational activities.
  • Providing skills, training, and support to cultivate independence.
  • Help youth with their mental and emotional wellbeing through counseling, cultural events or assessment services.

Each youth is partnered with a Family Support Worker to help them move toward independence by supporting them in job readiness, life skills development, and the tasks necessary to successfully transition into adulthood.

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Support for Young Adults

Coming soon:

Young adults who are 19-24 years of age and have been involved in our programs previously have the opportunity to access ongoing support to make successful transitions to adult life.

Our Family Support Workers will continue to offer one-to-one support to help young adults navigate life, as they seek out jobs, access post-secondary vocational or academic training, address barriers to success, and build the life skills they need to enjoy success in early adult life.

Contact us for more information on support available for Young Adults.

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Supported Visitation Program

This program provides a Family Support Worker to help support parents in maintaining access to their children when their children are temporarily in the care of MCFD. The goal of the program is to support parents to maintain the connection and build a positive relationship with their child(ren) while they’re in care.

Contact us for more information on support available for parents with children in the care of MCFD.

Telephone: 250-544-1400

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Support

NIȽ TU,O can provide one-to-one, group, or workshop services to support parents raising children impacted by FASD by providing support, education, and helpful strategies for helping parents, children, and youth impacted by FASD.

Contact us for more information on support available for parents impacted by FASD

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Aboriginal H.I.P.P.Y. Program

Aboriginal H.I.P.P.Y. (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) is a Canada-wide program that supports parents through one to one support to teach their children aged 3-5 years old a culturally relevant curriculum to develop their early literacy. Please call and ask to speak with the Aboriginal H.I.P.P.Y. program coordinator to inquire about starting the program in your community or working in the program as a “Home Visitor”.

Aboriginal H.I.P.P.Y. works with Indigenous families and communities to build positive experiences in education and to strengthen their capacity to support learning. The program serves land-based and urban Indigenous families across the country, particularly those impacted by the legacy of residential schools, poverty, and social isolation.

Since 2002, Aboriginal H.I.P.P.Y. in Canada has had great success in Indigenous communities, utilizing a culturally relevant curriculum to maximize the educational and holistic potential of Indigenous children.

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) recognizes Aboriginal H.I.P.P.Y.’s role in revitalizing traditional parent and caregiver roles as their child’s first and best teacher and in ensuring the success of Indigenous teachings to the next generation.

Contact us for more information on support available for Parents of Preschool Youngsters.

Telephone: 250-544-1400

Support to Caregivers Caring for Children from their Extended Family or Community

NIȽ TU,O supports members of the Coast Salish communities that we serve who are temporarily caring for children of family members or of other community members, while parents resolve problems and issues that have impacted their ability to parent their children.

Our Family Support Workers provide support to family caregivers who have stepped up to provide care.

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Counselling Services

NIȽ TU,O can connect you with counseling support.

Contact us for more information on services available for those who need support related to domestic violence.

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