Earlier this month the Honourable Mitzi Dean, Ministry of Children and Family Development visited NIȽ TU,O to tour the building and meet some of the staff.

Shown above, Mitzi Dean with Family Support Worker Michael Washington (left) and Resource Social Worker Alison Watson (right).

Alison spoke to her role in fostering community within the caregivers, connecting them to Coast Salish culture, their supports at NIȽ TU,O and with each other.

“The proactive and holistic supports that we are able to offer at NIȽ TU,O ensure our caregivers are well equipped to care for happy, healthy and culturally connected children.” shares Watson, “I’m so grateful to work in an organization that prioritizes making a real difference in children’s lives, and where I am recognized for the positive role we play for our caregivers.”

Washington echoes the tangible impact he’s seen from NIȽ TU,O’s work supporting children and families across the seven nations NIȽ TU,O serves:

“The family strengthening programs we offer here at NIȽ TU,O has absolutely played a role in reducing the amount of Coast Salish children in care, which is even more remarkable because the population of children is increasing year over year. Providing culturally appropriate supports really does make a huge difference for our communities”

Leslie-Ann Paige, Coast Salish Initiatives Manager addressed the importance of the building’s recent remediation and renovation and the role it plays in creating safety for Coast Salish children and families.

“We are working in a very triggering field, given the history of children in care in this country. Anything and everything we can do to reduce or eliminate the continued harm children and families have experienced, we will do it.”

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