In our world this is the true beginning of the Year. The new moon signifies a change–our days are growing longer. Nature, the moons, and the whole world are being reborn.

This is the time the Earth starts to move closer to the Sun once again. All things begin to warm up; everything in nature is being reborn. Although the cold, winds, and winter rains are still with us, there are some good days and this is the first sign that a new year has begun.


Some of the twine that had been made from nettles is now woven into nets to be used for the reef net fishing. Each family group had a responsibility to produce a certain amount of net for the fishery and these parts would later be assembled for use. Although fresh food hunting and fishing were done, people mainly relied on the fish and game that had been stored for the winter. For those who would risk, halibut fishing was available as the halibut had now returned to their traditional spawning beds. Grilse fishing was good in W̱JOȽEȽEP. This is the season that deer fawns are born and the coming of this moon is signal the time to stop hunting deer.


The instruction of our children and telling of tales helps to pass the long winter nights. The longhouse ceremonial dances continue.

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