Family Support Programs


NIȽ TU,O has two full-time family support workers who facilitate family support programs and Cultural activities.

Services Provided

  • Prevention and support services
  • Residential services
  • Community services to assist in caring for and protecting children
  • Voluntary and special needs services
  • The development of a full range of First Nations family care homes

Examples of services:

  • Counseling to support children and family members affected by family violence or dysfunctional family environments;
  • In-home support to assist parents in organizing and maintaining the family unit and carrying out parental responsibilities;
  • Respite care to relieve parents temporarily from parental responsibilities in order to allow for their recovery from the stress and challenges of parenting;
  • Parenting, budgeting and life skills program;
  • Other child and family services identified by communities.

Information regarding our Cultural Parenting Program and Triple P Parenting Program will be provided soon.
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