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Would You Like to Become a Foster Parent?

Application to Provide Care

Are you interested in becoming a Foster Parent?  Please complete and return this form to the NIȽ TU,O office to begin the application process. 

Family Care Home Responsibilities

As a family care parent you have many responsibilities to a number of different individuals: the child placed in your home, the agency, the child’s biological family, the Resource team and your own family. Your goal as a family care parent is to ensure the child/children are provided with excellent care while reinforcing the belief that children and youth have the right to safety, security, continuity, consistency, as well as a loving home. A family care parent will operate as a parent, a behavior management specialist, a mentor,a guide, a protector, a team member, an advocate, a teacher, and as a caregiver. This is quite the role and one that we are in need of.
The process the Family Care Orientation begins with completing the following forms:

  • An application to the program
  • Criminal Record Check (everyone 18 and over are required to complete a criminal record check)
  • Medical Report from your doctor
  • 3 References
  • Criminal Record Review

Once these are complete and submitted to the Resource Social Worker, a Home Study Assessment will begin. The Family Care Home Study Assessment will be based on the following:

  • Your family history
  • History as it relates to childcare
  • Child Care Experience
  • Motivations and reasons to foster

Upon completion of all forms an assessment will be completed and submitted for approval. The applicant will then be notified.

For more information, please contact the NIȽ TU,O Resource Social Worker

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