Artist Dave Underwood Introduces the New NIȽ TU,O Logo


I had at first created the original logo using the same symbols that the new one still uses, however, I was not able to articulate in-depth the themes of the logo. This was mainly because the elements were left too obscure and unresolved. I now feel it has resolved, as there is unity to the symbols, which give it balance and direction while also using the art form that speaks to the area that the organization represents.

There are three general themes that this NIȽ TU,O logo addresses: change, connection/relation and direction. Change is initially represented by transitions of colour. The blues and greens change from dark to light or night to day and vice-versa. In this context, time also represents change, as indicated by the passing of days, or the moon/sun and the single star, the first and last star of the day. Change is also renewal, or new beginnings, which is the baby silhouette, the WEXES - frog, who traditionally symbolizes new life and beginnings, and again, the transition from day to night.

As for the notion of connection, it is represented by the transitioning tones of relative colour. The STḴȺYE, wolf, is traditionally symbolic of family, whom is also considered an old relative. The body of the STḴȺYE indicates this through a human face on it that wears a ŚW̱,KITES, a wool head band, which is associated with SIÁM, an honourable person.

For direction, there is a continuum of the arrow designs flowing in two directions: outward from the sun and back to the moon. To elaborate further, they go from the WEXES, to the sun, to the earth, to the STḴȺYE and to the moon. On the ground, a simple representation of green grass changes from a darker green to a light green. The lighter green forms a path that is as though illuminated by the rays of the sun, indicating either a new direction or an enlightened one.

The themes of this image can yet be elaborated on, however the above statements render the core of the logos meaning. It is note worthy that the meaning has grown and become clearer, concurrently, not only in terms of my ability as an artist and as well as a human being, but also in terms of the growth of the NIȽ TU,O organization.

ENÁN SEN U, YEḴ OL EȻs NIȽ ŚW̱,ÍY OL E TŦE EN SĆȺ - I hope the logo suits the work well.

HÍ,SW̱ḴE SIÁM – Thank You

PENÁĆ – G. David Underwood