Mission Statement

NIȽ TU,O’s goals are to ensure the safety, protection, and well being of our children in today’s society; working together to maintain the traditional values of the extended family. This means that each individual child’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs are met. While adults we are showing mutual: respect, love, patience, and nurturing for our children through involvement of the entire community.

COLOR_Logo_web_200NIȽ TU,O Logo

This Picture is very symbolic of First Nation’s tradition, family and a new beginning. The Wolf symbolizes the human kind; which in mythology the wolf was supposed to have been human. The wolf symbolizes “Family” too, because they travel in packs and carry “Family Value”. In the sky is a moon / sun which symbolizes night and day which is always “A New Beginning”. It is a full moon and the sun rising, the sun setting or even possibly an eclipse. Inside is the face of a frog; which in mythology symbolizes birth and at the same time within this circle is the symbolism of a mother’s womb and the baby within. All together the picture is symbolic of NIȽ TU,O, a new beginning and also child and family.

NIȽ TU,O Values

We strive to help families and children in a respectful, professional, caring and culturally relevant manner.  Honesty, integrity, availability, generosity, patience and consistency are all highly valued within NIȽ TU,O. 

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